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prof. dr hab. inż. górn. Piotr Strzalkowski

Prognozowanie czasu trwania końcowej fazy poeksploatacyjnych ruchów terenu górniczego


Prediction of deformations in the transient state with regard to the duration of the final phase of mining area movements

This paper presents an analysis of results of land surveying with regard to the duration of the final phase of the mining area movements. An empirical formula which allows to calculate the abovementioned duration was verified on the basis of land surveying results and, as a result, a formula of determination of the value of subsidence rate coefficient was given. The checking calculations showed a possibility of applying the formula by obtaining accordance of the duration of the deformation process’ final phase with the earlier used empirical formula
Słowa kluczowe:
deformacje terenu górniczego
deformations of mining area